Mattes ‘Platinum’ Correction Half Pad, Quilt Only w/ Shim Pockets


No trim front or rear / Quilt ONLY / Correction Pad


E.A. Mattes ‘Platinum’ – Quilt Only – Dressage Correction Half Pad with Pockets for Shims

Our SPINEFREE® design prevents any pressure around the withers and spine. The secure SADDLE-FIX® system allows  top seam of the half-pad to be attached comfortably in the gullet of the saddle.

The core of the half-pad is made of two layers: POLY-FLEX® (a deep-needled polyester felt) is used to maintain the shape and spread the pressure, while polyester wadding provides padding. We completely avoid foam, neoprene or gel, making the whole pad breathable.

MATTES developed the CORRECTION® System to allow flexible and easy changes to saddle fit by up to 30 mm: to compensate for the rapid physical development of young horses in training, for horses that have been out of work, or for trained horses which change shape a lot during the competition season, whenever quick alterations are needed. Simply add extra shims, or just as importantly, remove them, to suit the horse’s changing shape.

It is crucial to balance out long-term irregularities in conformation.

Item# 654550

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Medium-Cob 16"-17.5", Large-Full 17.5"-18"


Black, White

Riding Style

Dressage, All Purpose, Jump