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Saddle Sales of Custom/Semi-Custom, Adjustable and Consignment Saddles

Dressage, Jumping, General Purpose Saddles

Flying Star Saddlery represents multiple British bespoke Master Saddlers and five saddle companies that create semi-custom and adjustable tree saddle brands. Flying Star Saddlery, founded by Kim Benson over 20 years ago, represents the top brands of English/Dressage saddles. As with all our horse tack and accessories, these saddles have been handpicked due to their value and exceptional performance in the field! Shop today for saddles and horse tack through our online store and receive our trademark personal service! Based in Ocala, Florida, we do saddle fitting for a nationwide clientele.

A saddle on top of a saddle, offered for Saddle Sales and saddle fit services.


Albion England, Fairfax Saddlery, GFS Saddles, Ikonic Saddlery, Kent & Masters, Ovation Riding, Patrick Saddlery, Passier, Pessoa USA, Ryder Saddles, Thorowgood, and Tota Comfort System Saddles - Dressage and Eventing.

Saddle Fittings, Flocking, and Adjustments

Independent saddle fitter, based in Ocala, Florida, Kim Benson is happy to discuss the many facets of saddle fitting with you. We can evaluate your current saddle, make suggestions on needed adjustments, or suggest a demo ride in one of our many in-stock saddles.

Wither Tracings

Wither Tracings – Guidance and Templates

Allow Flying Star to guide you through the procedure of taking a set of wither tracings. Tracings are used to evaluate back/shoulder symmetry and conformation when you are in the market for a better-fitting saddle whether it be an adjustable brand or a semi-custom build.

A woman providing saddle fit services, sitting on the ground and drawing on a piece of paper.

Saddle Sales - Adjustable, Custom/Semi-Custom, and Used/Consigned

  • Saddle Sales of adjustable, demo, used, and custom/semi-custom built saddles
  • Independent and unbiased saddle fitter – Kim Benson
  • Representing over ten saddle makers
  • Full and Semi-Custom Built 
  • Used/Consignment Saddles 

Saddle Fitting Services

  • Saddle fitting and adjustments
  • Saddle flocking and re-flocking
  • Wither Tracings
  • Tracing Templates
  • Saddle Fit Clinics
  • Consulting/Recommendations
  • Quality Horse Tack
  • Western and Endurance

Rider Training

  • Riding Lessons
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Dressage Training
  • Western Dressage
  • Riding Clinics
  • All disciplines

Horse Boarding/Training

  • Basic young horse training
  • Colt starting
  • Lunging/Longline
  • Nutritional counseling

Horse Sales

  • Fabulous horses bred at Flying Star
  • Consigning your horse
  • Finding the right equine partner
  • National and international search
  • Horse Sales Presentation

Equine Laser Therapy

  • Learn about Laser treatments
  • Use of cold laser therapy
  • Rental Program

What is Saddle Fitting?

Rider security and balance are paramount in fitting, equally important is that the tree be suited to the horse’s size/conformation to allow maximum freedom while maintaining an even connection to the back.

 A properly fit saddle allows the horse to hear your aids clearly and is the key to rider/ horse communication and harmony.  Saddle makers are constantly refining, developing, and changing to keep up with the demands of disciplines and horse anatomy!  Balance, comfort, and security are the cornerstones of a great fit!


Scheduling a Fitting

This part of the process is all you! The decision to improve your riding performance and your horse’s comfort level are typically the main factors. Wool flocked saddles need re-balancing annually (at a minimum) and preferably two times each year.

It’s always best to have an in-person saddle fitting but if you have little access to fitters, we also offer virtual fittings, especially for help in choosing a saddle.


Saddle Fitting Process

When a saddle fitting session is scheduled, we will begin a conversation about your horse, your horse’s overall conformation, your current saddle, and associated tack (girth and saddle pad are extremely important as components for best saddle fit) and, of course, your riding goals!

Flying Star might ask for photographic images of your horse with and without tack and a wither tracing to determine width at tree point and other saddle bearing data. If we don't take the tracing, we can coach you through it! Flying Star can assist you in this process and has a wither tracing package available!

During YOUR saddle fit session, we will be checking:

  • Saddle Balance and Length
  • Wither and spine clearance
  • Channel width
  • Panel contact
  • Billet alignment
  • Tree Angle and Width


On-the-spot Adjustments

Your saddle fitter / Kim Benson will check to see that the saddle panels sit evenly along your horse's back, whether there is adequate clearance at the spine and lateral clearance at base of wither and that the saddle allows the shoulder to move freely. From what she SEES and FEELS, adjustments can be made to the flocking in your saddle to rebalance it and/or shimming to correct any other imbalance issues.

All the above points must be considered to set the stage for that happy horse and rider team that is the Flying Star mission!


Fitting Session Etiquette

As a courtesy to your saddle fitter please have your horse groomed – all your tack ready.  We prefer, if possible, for you to hold your horse and not tie it!  This promotes safety and ease of movement! Rider needs to wear appropriate riding gear.