‘Fairfax World Class’ Monoflap – Elias Panel



Fairfax ‘World Class I’ Monoflap Dressage with Elias Panel

Developed to maximize synchronicity between riders and horses with an ‘uphill’ conformation. The design and construction of the saddle’s knee block, combined with the configuration of the seat, means that the knee has room to function effectively, allowing the rider’s body to absorb the force of the horse’s movement and allowing the pelvis to remain in a neutral position for longer.

  • ELIAS PANEL / Deep rear and slim front gussets / provides a perfectly balanced platform for the rider on a horse with ‘uphill’ conformation.
  • The knee block is constructed of multiple layers, including a shock-absorbing element that allows it to accommodate the forward movement of the rider’s knee.
  • This configurations offers the optimal level of rider support without restriction.
  • The symmetry and balance of the rider’s seat is improved when the pelvis is neutral.
  • Girthing options & Changeable ‘R’ bar gullet.
  • Available in ‘Croc’ Trim on flaps and cantle (‘Plain’ Trim is a Bespoke option)
  • Flap length ‘Petite’ and ‘Long’ are Bespoke options

Please call Fairfax Stockist and Saddle Fitter Kim Benson / 303-912-8703

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 21 in
Seat Size

16.5 inches, 17 inches, 17.5 inches, 18 inches

'R' Bar Gullet

A. Narrow Medium /NM (Green), B. Medium / M (Black), C. Medium Wide / MW (Blue), D. Wide / W (Red), E. Wide-Extra Wide / W-XW (Orange), F. Extra Wide / XW (White), G. Extra Wide- Extra Extra Wide (Yellow)