Gateway SU-PER GastroShield



Gateway SU-PER GastroShield

Available in 4lb and 20lb units as well as a Case of 4 of 4lbs each

Supports Digestion and a Healthy Intestinal Tract!

Contains ingredients that help protect the stomach against unusually high gastric acid levels. Formulated to help maintain proper levels of stomach acid, provide a protective barrier between acid and the stomach lining, and also increase digestion efficiency to avoid hyper-acidic conditions in the stomach.

Powder with a rice hull base and licorice flavor. Contains ingredients that soothe and buffer the stomach against gastric acid.

Is there a possibility of a ‘positive’ test while using SU-PER GastroShield?

SU-PER GastroShield contains ‘herbal’ ingredients that are generally discourage by the USEP regulating body. Licorice is one of these herbs, as licorice in most forms may contain Eugenol, which is a banned substance that USEF claims to have anti-inflammatory properties.

SU-PER GastroShield however contains a specific type of licorice known as De-glycyrrhized Licorice (DGL). Our DGL is guaranteed to be Eugenol free, and therefore should not result in a positive test.

Although we maintain our product is okay to give and will not test positive, the USEF and other equine organizations are constantly updating their rules and testing methods, so if you have any concern that SU-PER GastroShield may in fact be deemed as restricted or prohibited by the equine organization you may be involved with, we recommend you withdraw for use of this product no less than 14 days prior to the event. If you require gastric support in the period leading up to an event, it is safe to use basic antacids such as calcium or magnesium for this period.

Recommended dosage: Give 1 ounce twice daily or 1 ounce each mealtime. Give 1/2 ounce twice daily for maintenance.

Number of servings per container: 4 lb – 64; 20 lb – 320

Ingredients: PER 1 OUNCE: Calcium Carbonate/Probiotic Blend – 5,000 mg each, MSM – 2,500 mg, DGL Licorice Powder/Vitamin C – 1,000 mg each, Slippery Elm Inner Bark – 400 mg, L-Glycine – 350 mg, L-Glutamine/Gamma Oyzanol – 250 mg each, Niacin/Thiamine – 200 mg each, Chlorophyll/Marshmallow Root – 150 mg each, Ginger Root – 50 mg, Zinc – 25 mg


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20 pound, 4 pound, Case of 4 / 4lb.units