‘VersaFit’ Pad Scraper



‘VersaFit’ Pad Scraper

The Versafit Pad Scraper: Ultimate de-hairing tool for effortless cleaning your Versafit pads! This lightweight, easy-to-use scraper is just the perfect addition to your cleaning kit.

Say goodbye to scrubbing and wasting precious time keeping your Versafit pads clean and soft for your horse’s back. With this little scraper, you can easily remove hair, dirt, debris, and hardened sweat from your pads with just a few strokes.

The scraper’s design allows for maximum contact with the surface of the pad, making it incredibly effective at removing even the most stubborn grime.

  • Best cleaning tool for your Versafit pads
  • Great to remove dust and horse hair
  • Especially effective for hardened sweat
  • Ideal shape for maximum contact with the pad surface
  • Keep your pads clean and soft with minimum effort

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Weight .91 lbs