‘VersaFit’ Western Airpad Breeze



Western Airpad Breeze

The one and only instantly adjustable air-cushion saddle pad with a smaller profile for smaller skirted saddles. Thinner pad than our other Airpads: excellent to use under thin decorative saddle blanket. Same patented, auto-inflating air cells conform dynamically to horse’s body throughout your ride.  Durable baffled chambers for uniform distribution and support under the saddle bars.  Full panel shim pockets with easy top and front access – use with VersaFit™ Shims for ultimate custom contoured saddle fit.  Top layer is innovative, light and airy 3D Spacermesh, bottom is breathable, moisture wicking TecFleece™.  Easy clean, made in USA.

Custom adapted Therm-a-Rest technology – the ultimate auto-conforming impact deflection for the horse in motion

Unique open center channel spine and wither relief

Full length shim pockets without restrictive vertical seams, allowing for limitless micro-adjustments; convenient top spine and front openings for easy shim placement

Independent left and right air cells ideal for accommodating lateral asymmetries

Two layers of fabric bound tightly around perimeter offer less bulk under rider’s leg, while aircells offer full protection for horse under saddle tree bars.

Top layer: Durable lightweight techno-fabric promoting natural ventilation and temperature regulation. Think of it as a durable tri-layer weave “miracle sandwich”. Grip-enhancer strip secures pad to saddle.

Bottom layer: TecFleece™ – anti-microbial non-slip felt, greater wicking & cooling vs. wool

Breathable, easy clean with hose, quick dry.

Made in USA


Use directly between your horse and smaller profile Western saddles. Use with or without a decorative saddle blanket on top.
·      Open the valves to auto-inflate the air cells
·      Place quilted pad on your horse, then Halfpad centered on top
·      Place saddle on Halfpad centered front to back
·      Pull up on the front strap to position Halfpad sides evenly (nozzles at same level), and make sure to pull up center of quilt into saddle gullet to keep pressure off withers
·      Politely tighten cinch a little at a time, alternating sides
·      PRIOR to final tightening, close the air valves
·      When finished riding, store with valves OPEN

We recommend using VersaFit™ Shims in your pad to create a custom-contoured ideal saddle fit.  Even if your current saddle fits well, the addition of our specially shaped shoulder shim behind the furthest backswing point of the scapula will give your horse greater freedom of movement and improve comfort and performance.   NOTE– Shims should be installed prior to placing pad on your horse.

On receipt, OPEN both valves and store with them OPEN. They inflate automatically. If necessary, blow in them to accelerate filling.
Before use, make sure both valves are OPEN and the air cells are filled.
CAUTION: Familiarize your horse to the sound of air escaping from the valves so that it is not an unwelcome surprise when saddling or riding.

Additional information

Weight 4.95 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 16 × 3.5 in

Large, Medium, Small

Fabric Option

Cordura/TecFleece, TecGrip