‘Fairfax World Class II’ Monoflap Dressage



Fairfax World Class II / Monoflap Dressage 

Discipline: Dressage
Range: World Class

Color: Black / Black Stitching
Leather / Trim: Calf with patent trim
Panel: Wool flocked full panel
Available with three gusset options:  Standard front & Standard rear / Standard Front & Deep Rear / Slim Front & Deep Rear (Elias)
Changeable Gullet: N/M to XW/XXW
Gullet Bar Type: R-Bar

Anthracite Lion Emblem on the flap, headnail & cantle badge

Developed with Charlotte Dujardin as an alternative to the acclaimed World Class I to enhance the feeling of horse & rider synchronicity.

  • The deformable knee block is slightly higher and slightly more tilted providing a different interface option for the rider’s leg to the World Class I
  • To fine tune the leg support further, thanks to a quick and easy adjustment, the flap can be ’tilted’ through three different positions to move the block in relation to the rider’s thigh
  • Softer seat for rider “feel-appeal”
  • The Prolite-lined full panel has additional strengthening built into the top to maximize saddle stability
  • The World Class Dressage saddles are the only saddles to be scientifically tested with pressure mapping under the saddle and under the rider, combined with simultaneous two-dimensional and three-dimensional analysis of both horse and rider.
  • The block incorporates a shock-absorbing element that accommodates the forward movement of the knee – the optimal level of support without restriction.
  • Luxurious, super-grippy calf leather
  • Petite and Long Flap Lengths are Bespoke Options

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Seat Size

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'R' Bar Gullet

A. Narrow Medium /NM (Green), B. Medium / M (Black), C. Medium Wide / MW (Blue), D. Wide / W (Red), E. Wide-Extra Wide / W-XW (Orange), F. Extra Wide / XW (White), G. Extra Wide- Extra Extra Wide (Yellow)

Panel Depth

Slim Front – Deep Rear (Elias Panel), Standard Front – Deep Rear, Standard Front – Standard Rear