Gateway SUPER Tite-N-Up Poultice


Choose from Case of two / 12 lb each , 24 lb, and 48 lb


Gateway SUPER Tite-N-Up Poultice


Made with premium clay. A non-medicated poultice which compares favorably to UPTITE! This one is very basic – with no essential oils or “medicated” ingredients added. The clay we use is quite different from our other clays in that this poultice is designed to be easy to work with, and easy to wash off. For people who want a “non-medicated” poultice, because perhaps their horse is sensitive to the “medicated” versions, and one that is easy to work with, this is a very good choice!

 Our “Non-Medicated” Poultice!

Container Size: Case of 2 – 12 Pounds Each / 24 Pound / 48 Pound

Key Ingredients: Hydrous Aluminum Silicate (Montmorillonites), Biborate of Soda.

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Case of two – 12 pounds each, 24 pound, 48 pound

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